rootsThe student ministry of Southern Hills Baptist Church is unique and varied like so many of our wonderful, talented, and gifted students (7th grade thru college aged). Our hope is that the young people that grace our ministry will grow in a depth of faith, knowledge, and love that will help them uncover the importance of our interconnectedness to the triune God and one another. Each of our unique gathering times intentionally reflects the diversity required for fostering healthy growth for life.

Connect with us Socially: 

Gathering Times and Purposes:

graft#Graft our 9:20am Sunday morning gathering for 7th grade thru college-aged students.

Start your Sunday morning off right with smoothies, coffee, granola, small groups, music and amazing teaching! Join us from 9:20am to 10:25am in the CoreCafe (South Wing of the Main Campus) for a time of team learning, fellowship, and fun. The high-energy, caffeinated goal of Graft each week is to welcome and connect students to our ministry. We have an amazing group of leaders that meet and mentor with our students’ by segments (Middle School, High School, and College-Aged) and student musicians that lead us in a time of chapel worship that is engaging. Make sure to get there on time because the smoothies and granola go quick!

roots-revivalRoots Revivals (HS Only) One Sunday a Month | Evenings 4:00-7:00 p.m.

Our monthly gathering of “roots.” Roots Revivals work to rekindle and renew our discipleship efforts, we all need a refresher now and again. Once a month we gather off campus for a house church jamboree of music, art, food, fellowship, and a call to action. This is the way we grow. It is our hope that this kind of home-cooked rootedness goes with our students the rest of their lives.

2017 Roots Revival Dates: April 9, May 7

radicleRadicle (MS Only) One Sunday a Month | Evenings 4:00-6:30 p.m.

Just like a radicle is the first root of growing plant, so too do we want our MS students to feel like they are growing in their first “roots” in our ministry. Radicle gatherings are an opportunity for our MS students to grow in their knowledge of God alongside a community of their peers. The curriculum is thoughtful, the gatherings are engaging, and there is always fun and pizza!

2017 Radicle Dates: Apr 23, May 7

coreCore Café and CoreChapel (MS/HS)

Core Café // 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. | Core Chapel // 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Our midweek gathering is our community time. We grow together in the ways we play, game, study, make music, and drink coffee. The CoreCafe is open from 5:30-6:30pm as a gaming lounge, study hall, conversation starter, and coffee shop. Our students love the fun and friendly atmosphere that is both diverse and housed under one roof.

At 6:30pm we transition into CoreChapel, our midweek worship gathering.  We have some of the best musicians and teachers and Tulsa that share with our students and teach in ways that engage more than just our ears. CoreChapel is fun and full of sensory and spiritual learning that helps connect the things we love with the Christ who centers our lives. It’s the way our community grows and a real chance for all kinds of student led interests to be showcased. Each week is unique and different as it takes shape around the life of our community. “Don’t Skip Core Days!”

the-landingtheLanding (MS/HS)

Friday 7:00-9:00 p.m.

The Landing is designed to be a safe place where students can take off their masks and deal with real issues. The Landing is structured on an ongoing 52-week curriculum based on the beatitudes, where Jesus laid out principles for joy and recovery in the Sermon on the Mount. This ministry is an outlet for teens in our community to live a more free, healthy, and God-centered life. You can learn more about theLanding @ SHBC here.


But wait there is more! Winter retreat, one day events, outdoor excursions, mission trips near and far, and of course we always have exciting camps each summer (some would even say our camp is best). All are a part of our youth ministry programming designed for students to be grown for life. Truly those that remain to the root will indeed bear fruit.

2017 Calendar of Events

  • #theCollective17Weekend // February 1, 3-4
  • #theCollective Co:Mission // March 26
  • Senior Day // May 21
  • Super Summer // June 5-9
  • LAST OF US // June 12 – 17

Upcoming Events

  • HS Lake Day // August 7
  • MS Lake Day // August 8
  • Not Yet Weekend // October 27-29


We are excited to introduce our new ministry for 6 – 8th graders. By creating this new ministry we are making space for growth. To begin shaping our new ministry Pastor Zac is now on the search for just the right person to be ministry leader.